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Links to friends & Industry Related Sites

Here a few links to sites, people and organisations I found to be useful during my time. Every once in a while I will be posting a new link here if I find it to be appropriate.

Restaurants - Trying to find a restaurant in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia?

see the DeGroot's BestRestaurants website - Highly recommended.
I used to successfully advertise on this site. It makes it much easier for potential customers to find your restaurant site when it is listed in a site that in itself is grouped with other restaurants.

Food Potographer - If you need a Photographer with experience in taking pictures of food or the ambience of your venue,

see the Alfonso Calero Photography website - Highly recommended.
Alfonso Calero's images were used troughout my advertising and marketig efforts, my website and other occasions. His work with Vogue, Gloria Jean's Coffees and Random House Publishing for example, are providing some of his credentials.

Industry Association - Restaurant & Catering NSW

see the Restaurant & Catering NSW website for any industry related help, training and advice.
A member for years, I was very happy with the services and advice from the association. Their industry training efforts and delivery is efficient, to the point and cost effective.

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